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Eye Catchers Pencil

DuWop Cosmetics

  • £1500

For everyone who has ever wanted to intensify their eye color but stopped short of color contacts, DuWop presents EyeCatcher Pencils, ultra smooth eyeliners that use basic color theory to make blue eyes bluer, green eyes greener and brown eyes richer. Each EyeCatcher utilizes complementary colors to set off the color of the iris. 

The formula is noncomedogenic, completely smudge proof, water resistant and conditioning. Safe for contact lens wearers. Featured in four shades: 

for blue eyes 
a rich amber brown with blue and gold flecks to intensify blue eyes
for green eyes 
a lush burgundy plum with bronze flecks to complement green eyes
for brown eyes
a deep blue violet with golden shimmer to highlight brown eyes
for all eyes 
the blackest velvety black to complement all eye colors

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